B2B Google Remarketing

B2B Lead-Gen through Google Remarketing

Marathons are long and difficult. Tough Mudder races are long and difficult. Nascar races are long and difficult. B2B marketing is a long process, but it shouldn’t be difficult.

Long sales cycles and high price tags lead to complex and often drawn out funnels over many months, making marketing optimization efforts challenging. Facing this problem, many B2B marketers struggle to find channels that drive quality leads efficiently. Google Remarketing, although not bulletproof, is a reliable source of B2B lead-gen success that makes the B2B marketing process easier. And depending on the traffic coming to your site, you can begin seeing results quickly! (That’s something that just ain’t gonna happen with a marathon, Tough Mudder or Nascar…)

Google Remarketing Overview

Google Remarketing enables advertisers to reach prospects that have already visited their website. Then these advertisers show prospects customized ads as they visit other sites across the Google Display Network (GDN). Another way to think of Remarketing is that it’s somewhat similar to lead nurturing, but instead of the middle of the funnel Remarketing occurs earlier in the process.

Google Remarketing is configured through Google Analytics, in which advertisers create custom lists, also known as “audiences”. Custom lists enable Google to cookie prospects that go to an advertiser’s site and place them in an “audience” based on the content they visited. Then advertisers can customize their marketing message to each “audience” and show each prospect an ad for products and services they are interested in.

Let’s look at an example. A SaaS company offers two products, a marketing dashboard and marketing attribution software. A prospect comes to the SaaS website and checks out the attribution software. The SaaS Company can then serve an attribution software-focused ad to this prospect as the prospect visits other sites around the web, bringing the prospect back to the advertiser’s website through highly targeted messaging.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Another strategy for Google Remarketing is Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs). With RLSAs, B2B marketers can increase paid search bids and change messaging on specific keywords if that user already resides in a Remarketing list, increasing the chances that the advertiser would secure better placement for advertising to such highly qualified prospects.

Just imagine, a user searches on the term “attribution software” and then visits the section of the SaaS company’s site that promotes their marketing attribution software. But, let’s say this prospect does not convert. Next time this same prospect is online the advertiser can serve them an attribution software focused ad and then again target them when they conduct their next “attribution software” search. Double whammy!

It doesn’t stop there. To qualify audiences even further advertisers can create custom lists for those who become customers. Then these advertisers can exclude the customer lists from all Remarketing efforts, saving you from wasting advertising dollars.

Google’s Similar Audiences

Seeing success and need a growth strategy? Implement Google’s Similar Audiences! Google’s Similar Audiences looks at the prospects that visited an advertiser’s site and finds new qualified prospects with shared interests. That means advertisers can reach new prospects that have a higher chance of being interested in their products.

Instituting similar audiences for one of our clients led to a 179% increase in Remarketing leads and a 42% decrease in cost per lead year-over-year! But it’s not just us. Google’s 2013 internal data shows that when typical advertisers use Google Similar Audiences in conjunction with Remarketing they experience a 60% increase in impressions, a 48% increase in clicks and a 41% increase in conversions.

Capitalize on Google Remarketing for B2B Lead Generation

What advertiser doesn’t love marketing to those who have already demonstrated a clear interest in their company or their types of products and services? So take advantage of Google Remarketing to convert prospects into actual paying customers.