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Conquer Your Biggest B2B Marketing Challenges

Are you a B2B brand facing stagnant results and feeling the pressure to drive growth? Stratabeat specializes in reinvigorating your marketing approach with powerful content strategies that convert.


Our expertise in B2B content marketing targets the root causes of underperformance:

  • Unoptimized content that fails to engage
  • Ineffective SEO that keeps you hidden from your ideal customers
  • A lack of strategic coverage throughout the buyer’s journey

Plus, we’re the only B2B content marketing agency that examines verified ICP-content fit with IP detection software, applies behavioral intelligence for more qualified leads, and optimizes for MQL to SQL conversions just as much as for traffic.

Working with Stratabeat has been a true partnership. Their strategic guidance has been invaluable. The Stratabeat team immediately started identifying key opportunities to improve our SEO and content programs, including enterprise-level changes and more surgically-targeted initiatives.

They continuously uncover new ways to drive traffic and leads and are fully collaborative in their approach to execution. And their SEO content quality is extremely high. Their passion for what they do is infectious. If you’re looking for a strategic SEO and content partner that will drive your organization forward, I recommend you talk with Stratabeat.

Stacey Epstein CMO

Achieve Your Goals with Stratabeat

Strategic B2B Content

Go beyond typical content offerings with strategic assets designed to engage and convert at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Increased Visibility

Position your brand in front of the right audience with tailored, high-quality content that speaks directly to their needs and challenges.

Greater Traffic and Leads

Move beyond basic traffic goals. We craft content that attracts and converts, focusing on sustainable, organic growth.

Enhanced Conversion Rates

Our strategy combines advanced SEO with conversion rate optimization to turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Trusted Partnership

Discover the impact of partnering with Stratabeat, a dedicated B2B marketing agency that acts as an extension of your in-house marketing team.

The team at Stratabeat took the time to understand the industry and discovered key branding differentiators for us that required minimal changes or edits when presented to key stakeholders.

That’s how much time they invest in getting it right the first time in order to start implementing true change to your company immediately. Their marketing expertise, particularly in the SaaS space, showed when they helped us formulate more precise conversion points on our website for further lead generation.

Jessica Aceto SaaS Sales & Marketing Manager

Innovative B2B Content Marketing Strategies for the Bold

Tired of safe, uninspired content? Stratabeat leverages deep market insights and innovative content development to push the boundaries of what B2B content marketing can achieve. Your content should do more than fill your website—it should fuel your growth.

From deep SERP analysis to strategic digital asset acquisition, we craft content that ranks, resonates, and converts. Our services and solutions are about getting you more leads.

Think bigger, achieve more.

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Driving Organic Growth Through Content

Let’s build a solid foundation for your brand’s future success by focusing on long-term, compounding growth and helping scale your content marketing engine.

Our approach to content marketing meticulously integrates precision-engineered SEO with in-depth keyword research, SERP analysis, and competitive insights, ensuring each piece of content reaches and resonates with your target audience.

With the strategic application of data analytics, neuroscience, and behavioral insights, we ensure that every content strategy is poised to deliver measurable and lasting growth, driving your business forward with every piece published.


Results Speak Louder Than Words

Our clients’ journeys from start-up to SOLD! (or public) are a testament to the real, tangible business growth we catalyze. We achieve strong results for clients, helping one client from 75 to 280, and yet another from 160 to 470.

From quadrupling leads within the first year of a B2B fintech company’s website launch to generating 5X growth for a property management SaaS, our strategies are proven, powerful, and pivotal to the success stories we help write.

Our team has developed content marketing strategies for tech leaders, including Intel, AT&T, GE, Hewlett-Packard, Freshworks, Appfolio, Fourth, and more.

Let’s rewrite your company’s growth narrative together.

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A Mission That’s Crystal Clear

We’re a data-driven B2B content marketing agency with a focus on sustainable organic growth for B2B companies:

Why Organic Growth?

Choosing Stratabeat means committing to a strategy of sustained growth through high-quality, search-engine-optimized content. This approach builds your brand’s credibility and authority gradually but more substantially, ensuring long-term success over quick, fleeting gains through paid advertising.

Here’s why investing in organic growth marketing can profoundly impact your B2B SaaS business’ bottom line:

Compound Growth

Organic SEO strategies enhance your presence gradually and steadily, ensuring durability and adaptability through market shifts and algorithm updates.

Authority Building

We boost your B2B brand’s topical industry authority by optimizing your website and acquiring high-quality mentions and backlinks, elevating your business’ trust and credibility with your ICP and target market.

Targeted Reach

We ensure your brand reaches the appropriate audience exactly when they are most open to your messaging and solutions, enhancing your brand’s impact and return on investment (ROI).

Cost Effectiveness

Unlike PPC and other forms of paid advertising that provide quick results at high costs, SEO and organic growth solutions like your content marketing efforts are most cost-effective over the long term, reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC) significantly. Think of compounding interest for your B2B marketing efforts.

Calculated. Never common place.

We’re no ordinary B2B content agency. Our clients rave about our unique approach to organic growth.
Need a B2B social media marketing strategy? Need a product marketing pick-me-up? Need to update your pricing structure? Need to publish an interactive demo? We’ll tell you so.

“Not our job” is not in our vocabulary. Instead, we’re your trusted advisors, ready to help you destroy mediocre marketing.
From in-depth audience research to crazy creative content marketing strategies and advanced technical SEO analysis, we leave no stone unturned.

So expect growth, then multiply it.

How Does 7,235.7% Organic Growth Sound?

Stratabeat increased monthly organic traffic by 7,235.7% and grew monthly organic traffic value by $682,088 for a B2B client, helping our client add 252 employees within three years.

Ready to build a future where your marketing efforts yield continuous, compounding returns?

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Build an Organic Growth Engine

Leading B2B Content Marketing Services

Audience Insights: Dive deep into what your audience truly seeks. Through interviews with your sales team, subject matter experts, and your customers, themselves. (We even evaluate sales call recordings.)

Content Development: Elevate your brand with compelling content creation – for all types of content. Our services span SEO copywriting, white papers, video and content production, and beyond, ensuring your messages engage and resonate deeply across all marketing channels.

Content Strategy & Copywriting: Craft high-quality B2B content that captivates and converts.

Optimized Design & Content Briefs: Build a solid foundation for design and content that work hand in hand with SEO – every time.

SEO Topic Clusters & Copywriting: Command your niche. Establish authority with comprehensive content ecosystems. Our SEO topic clusters and content strategies build a comprehensive knowledge base that positions you as the leader in your field.

SEO Mastery: Master the search engines with extensive, advanced SEO practices, from granular keyword research to global optimization and inventive link-building strategies.

Topic & Keyword Research: Uncover the terms that attract and engage with powerful content.

B2B Blogging: Transform your blog into a lead magnet with targeted strategies and SEO enhancements that connect and convert.

Original Research: Conduct in-depth, original research to create authoritative content that cuts through the noise, providing fresh insights that position your brand as a thought leader and attract high-quality engagement.

SEO Health Checks: Get a clear picture of your SEO performance. Our thorough audits identify issues and opportunities, setting the stage for enhanced visibility and engagement.

Conversion Rate Optimization: Turn clicks into customers. We refine your pathways to purchase, boosting your conversion rates and maximizing your ROI.

Strategic Content Planning: Craft a winning strategy. Our experts analyze market opportunities and craft content strategies that are relevant and impactful.

Content Atomization: Maximize the reach and impact of your core content by breaking it down into smaller, targeted pieces distributed across multiple platforms and formats, ensuring your message resonates broadly and efficiently.

Passive Link Building: Build links effortlessly through creative content strategies and targeted offsite initiatives.

Behavioral Intelligence: Understand the digital body language of your site visitors so you can continually improve the experience and increase conversions. (And not just on your BOFU “money pages” – on your MOFU and TOFU content, too!)

Analytics, Data Analysis, & Reporting: Track progress, adjust strategies, and continually optimize. We’ll integrate your GA4, GSC, Salesforce, Hubspot, IP detection software, and more – all in one easy-to-use dashboard.

Consulting: From neuromarketing and podcast production recommendations to email marketing, ABM, and influencer marketing guidance, our team will go beyond best practices to meet your marketing needs and help you land new customers with out-of-the-box B2B content marketing ideas.

Leverage Neuroscience, Psychology, and Behavioral Intelligence

Because it’s not enough to get qualified traffic to your site. You need to convert. That’s why understanding the psychological triggers that drive engagement, conversions, and sales conversations is the Stratabeat Standard.

With Stratabeat, it’s not just about climbing the rankings to the first page—it’s about applying brain science to your B2B content marketing for greater revenue and business results.

CRO Services

Our Exclusive 250+ B2B SaaS Website Database

Stratabeat is the only agency with a 250+ B2B SaaS website database, which we continually analyze for unique SEO insights. Forget theory. Our market research reveals what’s working and what’s not in the B2B industry today. And then, we capitalize on those insights to strengthen your SEO program and generate greater results for your business.

Get the Benchmark Report

We’re so happy to have found Stratabeat. They made it a point to really understand our market and business goals. Their attention to detail, thorough and frequent status updates, and search mastery have made them a pleasure to work with.

Experience the Dedication

At Stratabeat, you’re one of few—not one of many. While our “full-service” competitors may overload their team members with 8+ accounts each, our limited account load of only 2-to-3 accounts per marketing expert ensures that we become a true extension of your team.

Why does this matter? Because it means we provide you with the dedicated attention and focus you deserve while blending seamlessly with your in-house marketing team.

Imagine having a partner who is fully invested in your success, who knows your goals inside and out, and who is just a call away. That’s what you get with Stratabeat. We’re not just another vendor – we’re your dedicated allies in the quest for growth.

Stratabeat discussing a client's project

FAQs: SEO Insights Unpacked

Strategic B2B content marketing is crucial because it directly addresses your specific business challenges. It crafts messages that resonate deeply, attracting and engaging the right audience to drive leads and ensure conversions.

Any decent digital marketing agency will tell you: effective content marketing builds momentum over time. But, with our focus on quick-win keywords and targeted CRO recommendations, early successes are common within 3-6 months of onboarding with us, depending on your industry, competition, and website’s current state.

Content marketing is a powerful tool, but it truly excels when integrated with a broader marketing strategy. We enhance content with comprehensive SEO, content atomization, and atomization of your diverse marketing mix, including email, social media, and PR. This approach ensures your marketing efforts are complete and compelling, maximizing impact, ROI, and delivering superior results.

Our marketing firm only works with B2B companies (business-to-business; no e-commerce whatsoever).

We are niched down to the following industries:

  • Software / SaaS companies
  • Fintech companies
  • Healthcare Technology companies
  • Green Tech companies
  • Tech companies
  • Venture Capital / Investment Firms

Leveraging consumer psychology and precision analytics, our content strategies are crafted to give you a competitive edge. We ensure your brand doesn’t just participate but leads in your industry with a focus on thought leadership, brand awareness, and personalized content that directly addresses your audience’s pain points.

We start by understanding your core objectives. Through deep collaboration, we ensure our content strategies reflect your brand’s voice and directly drive your key business outcomes, like boosting brand visibility or escalating conversion rates.

Yes! We excel in crafting globally resonant content strategies, adapting your message to engage international markets effectively while optimizing for regional search engine variations.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at launch. We continuously optimize and refine your content based on performance data and audience feedback to ensure enduring effectiveness and adaptability.

We believe in the power of data-driven decision-making. We employ advanced tracking tools to continuously monitor your content’s performance across various metrics, including SERP standings. Our reports give insights into what’s working, what’s not, and where the hidden opportunities lie for your content. We’re committed to constant innovation, using A/B testing and detailed analysis to refine and elevate your strategy at every turn, ensuring that our content solutions deliver maximum impact.

We’re always on the pulse of innovation, incorporating the latest B2B content marketing trends and technologies to keep your strategy ahead of the curve and fully optimized for emerging opportunities.

We are on a mission to destroy mediocre marketing.

Merging neuroscience with strategic marketing campaigns and SEO expertise, we don’t just chase traffic. We drive growth, understanding your audience on a level others don’t to deliver measurable results that matter.

We’re the only B2B content marketing agency that uses IP detection software to ensure your content is attracting your ICP. We’re the only ones who apply behavioral intelligence to content performance. We’re the only agency with a database of 250+ B2B tech websites that we’re continually analyzing to understand what drives SEO performance, and what doesn’t. And we’re the only ones who focus just as much on CRO as SEO.

Ignite Your Growth

Ready for greater performance with a B2B Content Marketing agency that goes deeper with its data analysis, uses brain science to achieve greater impact, identifies the specific companies on your website, and proactively champions tailored strategies to achieve your B2B content marketing goals? Let’s talk!