Taking Influencer Marketing SaaS from Zero to 20K+ Active Members

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An up-and-coming influencer marketing platform needed help building its community of brands and influencers collaborating for growth.

Perlu was a new influencer marketing network that was more than just a database… It’s a place for brands and influencers to actively brainstorm, collaborate and grow together. In essence, it’s LinkedIn for influencers.

First, Stratabeat helped Perlu launch its blog. Then, we distributed newsletters, developed video content and earned writing gigs for Perlu with publishers such as Social Media Today, NealSchaffer.com, and more.

We also launched a new podcast, and secured guests from market-leading brands such as Lyft, Sephora, Edelman, Kroger, Converse, and Coty.



Stratabeat launched a blog to attract new members to the platform via organic search and engage existing Perlu members. The blog helped both influencers as well as brands to be more successful with their influencer marketing initiatives.

To make the posts as engaging as possible, we included videos, statistics, stories, case studies, screen captures, influencer interviews, etc.

With behavioral analytics and A/B testing, Stratabeat developed a messaging platform and calls-to-action that continuously increased conversion rates.


To attract bigger brands, agencies, and influencers to Perlu, Stratabeat launched an influencer marketing podcast to help both brands and influencers grow.

We conducted outreach and interviewed the best of the best in the influencer marketing world to see how they create campaigns and experiences with a lasting impact, so listeners could do the same.

Most notably, Stratabeat attracted market-leading brands as podcast guests – and net new Perlu members, including Lyft, Sephora, Edelman, Kroger, Converse, Coty, and more.



Expanded Perlu membership from zero to 20k+ active users within two years.

Fortune 500

Attracted leads at major brands, including many Fortune 500 companies.


Achieved global reach, securing podcast listeners in 65 countries.


Ranked #1 in Google for the top target keywords.


Fueling Perlu’s growth helped to enable the ultimate acquisition of the platform by CJ (Publicis Groupe)

Stratabeat is a great marketing partner. Very collaborative and always pushing to achieve more for Perlu. They have a potent blend of expertise in brand strategy and demand marketing, and I love the passion and energy they bring. We’re thrilled with their help getting our brand to be sharp and compelling, building supporting content, driving traffic, and getting the business off the ground and climbing quickly. I highly recommend them.”

Andres Echenique CEO

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