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2024 B2B SaaS SEO Performance Study Released

B2B SaaS SEO Performance Report

Stratabeat and CMO Huddles have teamed up to bring you a new, updated 2024 B2B SaaS SEO Performance Report, based on an analysis of 300 B2B SaaS websites and 15,000 data points. The report is based on a completely new set of data, bringing you fresh new insights.

Forget theory. Forget common assumptions. Learn what actually works in SEO today for B2B SaaS, what to prioritize, and where to invest your SEO budget. All backed by data.

Our new SEO benchmark report is here to give you answers.

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B2B SaaS SEO Performance Report

The Stratabeat and CMO Huddles 2024 B2B SaaS SEO Performance Report helps you understand the key levers to achieving greater SEO results.

Uncover what’s working today in SEO specifically for B2B SaaS. Our study reveals the SEO activities that truly improve performance, helping you to better allocate your marketing resources and budget.

The study involved the analysis of 300 B2B SaaS websites with up to 10 million in monthly organic traffic (the vast majority of the B2B SaaS market). The research focuses on what drives Google rankings, organic traffic, and referring domains.

Questions that the study answers include:

  • What’s the importance of segmenting the audience in your website?
  • What kind of SEO impact can you expect from different types of content?
  • Does blogging frequency matter?
  • What are the top 10% of performers doing?
  • Along with various other exploration points

About Stratabeat

Stratabeat is a B2B SaaS marketing agency focused on organic growth for technology companies. Services include SEO, content strategy, content marketing, web design, and conversion optimization. Stratabeat’s team members have developed SEO strategies for companies ranging from Intel to GE, Appfolio, and Freshworks.

About CMO Huddles

CMO Huddles is a community of B2B marketing leaders designed to help CMOs make faster, better, and more informed decisions. The organization provides exclusive access to industry thought leaders, expert-led workshops, high-level networking, and coveted PR opportunities. CMO Huddles members include marketing leaders from hundreds of organizations, including ZoomInfo, SproutSocial, and Wasabi.

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If you’re fed up with SEO advice that’s lacking in substance and data-based evidence, you’re going to want to read our new benchmark report. We skip the fluff, and give you actual, real-world performance data. We tell you what’s working and the precise level of impact based on the data from studying 250 B2B SaaS websites.

With our insights, you’ll be equipped to make important budget decisions to ensure you’re focused on activities that help you to expand reach, increase qualified organic traffic, and drive pipeline growth.

Read the report and see what’s actually moving the needle in SaaS SEO today and where you should focus your SEO efforts.

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