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Alexis Trammell Honored 2023 Top Women in Marketing Award

Alexis Trammell Top Women in Marketing

Stratabeat is thrilled to announce our very own Chief Growth Officer, Alexis Trammell, is a Chief Marketer “Top Women in Marketing” Honoree.

Alexis leads the team and oversees all aspects of marketing, agency structure, and strategic planning. Previously Chief Operating Officer, Alexis has played a critical role in Stratabeat’s significant growth in recent years, as well as helped clients achieve truly exceptional results. She has been with Stratabeat for more than 5 years.

Stratabeat offers comprehensive organic marketing services including lead generation strategy, SEO, content marketing, and website development. From software and SaaS to fintech and green tech, Stratabeat’s clients are in the tech space.

Alexis was an incredible partner while we worked with Stratabeat. Going from no blog to a wonderfully successful blog, was largely in part to her work. She made every story count and always went above and beyond – bringing us ideas that extended past the blog and into influencers and social media. Some of our greatest successes stemmed from our work with Alexis and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Danielle Corderre Senior Manager, Marketing Innovation, iRobot

2023 has proven to be an especially tough time for tech. Many agencies Stratabeat’s size are laying people off or going bankrupt.

Despite the downturn in the tech industry, Stratabeat, in contrast, has grown revenue by roughly 15% in 2023, grew the team, and is currently hiring for several additional positions.

I am thrilled to hear Alexis Trammell won this year’s Top Women in Marketing award. Her exceptional leadership and contributions to Stratabeat have both driven remarkable results for our clients and also set a shining example for women in our industry.

Alexis possesses a balanced blend of strategic thinking and hands-on execution. She has consistently demonstrated her ability to navigate complex market landscapes, identify opportunities, and craft innovative marketing strategies that resonate with the target audience. Furthermore, Alexis is an inspiring mentor and advocate for her team members, nurturing their talents and helping them reach their full potential. She is an active listener who pays close attention to the concerns, goals, and challenges I express when we meet on a regular basis.

Caitlin DeAngelis SEO & Content Strategist, Stratabeat

Alexis began her career with Stratabeat as an account director, unafraid of getting her hands dirty. She trailblazed Stratabeat’s account-based marketing solutions, hosted a client’s podcast, built the client and employee onboarding programs, spearheaded Stratabeat’s most recent website design, as well as standardized the agency’s SEO services and content strategy processes, and more.

She has worked closely with clients to develop and execute brand strategies, websites, and marketing plans that drive long term growth. She has consulted with a breadth of B2B tech companies, including but not limited to:

  • Customer service, IT, and CRM software
  • Digital transformation solutions
  • Machine learning, data engineering, and software development solutions
  • Talent management platforms
  • Investment portfolio platforms
  • Customer experience, customer service excellence, and CX transformation solutions
  • Influencer marketing platforms
  • Payroll, HR, and benefits solutions
  • Antimicrobial, anti-odor, anti-pilling, and water repellent solutions
  • Water electrolysis for green hydrogen
  • Advanced membrane separation solutions
  • Water filtration solutions
  • Bio pharmaceuticals

Among other achievements, Alexis played a key role in launching a new blog and influencer program for a robotics company and building organic visits to $87K+ in monthly traffic value within 14 months. Additionally, she played a key role in helping an influencer marketing platform go from zero to 20,000+ active users in just two years.

At the start of my freelance career, I worked with many content marketing agencies. It led me to refuse to work with a lot of content marketing agencies. I made an exception for Stratabeat. I worked directly with Alexis on the account and absolutely loved working with her.

She’s incredibly personable knows how to get the good stuff out of an interview, is timely with communication, organized, thorough, and just an all-around fun person to work with that gave me the flexibility to show off my skills.

Sarah Colley Content Writer, The Write Destination

Alexis has received numerous awards for her hard work and dedication throughout her career, including several Addy Awards, Communicator Awards, NEXT Under 40 Award, and NextGen Under 30.

She is also a member of Chief, an organization specifically designed for women leaders to strengthen their leadership journey, cross-pollinate ideas across industries, and affect change from the top down.

“Alexis is a true marketing tour de force. She is a trailblazer and a superstar, and have been absolutely invaluable to our growth and to our clients’ growth. This year, she has helped our agency achieve approximately 20% revenue growth, while many marketing agencies are struggling,” said Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat CEO and author of  the books “Rethink Your Marketing” and “Rethink Lead Generation.”

“Alexis is a great team leader. Whether it’s guiding a new team member to learn how to keep clients happy or teaching a client how to think more strategically, she is consistently pushing teams forward. One of her greatest qualities is that she gets everyone to THINK BIGGER. She sees opportunities that others miss. She’s creative in generating new ideas. And she pushes everyone to take their marketing to a new level.

“Also, she’s a kind, warm, and funny person. (She even laughs at my dad jokes, which really shows just how kind she is!) She treats everyone with respect, and is a true team player. I endorse her 1,000%.”

Alexis is a superb leader, both in terms of personnel and marketing strategy. She knows how to get the best out of a person, pushing them to strive for more while also being a supportive force each step of the way. She provides an example to follow while also forging a path ahead.

I would not be the marketer I am without the patient, insightful, strong guidance that Alexis has provided. She creates an empowering, inclusive environment that allows our team to thrive personally while also striving for excellence.

Stephen Altrogge SEO & Content Strategist, Stratabeat