$87,867 in Monthly Traffic Value for a Robotics Company

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Stratabeat launched a new blog for a robotics company and built organic visits to $87K+ in monthly traffic value within 14 months.

Stratabeat designed and built the robotics company’s first blog — and led the brand’s first foray into non-branded content development.

The blog featured interviews with influencers, video collaborations with influencers, tips & tricks, how-to guides, product comparisons, infographics, downloadable content and so many more educational resources for an audience that was largely untapped in this space.


30 thousand

Attracted nearly 30,000 site visits per month within 14 months


Ranked for 1,767 nonbranded keywords on Google page one and two within 14 months


Published nearly 150k words in 60 blog posts in 14 months

The Results?

With the right search intent identified and the right calls-to-action in place, the blog led to an increase in sales and revenue immediately and consistently. The blog ranked for hundreds of keywords where competitors were nowhere to be found.

Within 14 months, the blog went from zero to nearly 30k visits per month and achieved a monthly organic traffic value of $87,867. This means that the client would have had to spend nearly $90k in paid ads in order to attain this traffic.

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Working with Stratabeat has been a seamless process filled with successes. We trusted them to build our blog from scratch and they delivered. In the past year, 60 blogs went live under their direction and ownership. The team themselves were always eager, positive, communicative, and passionate about our brand and our success. They were amazing partners, and we were lucky to have them kick off our blog for us.

Senior Manager, Marketing Innovation

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