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thruuu SERP Analyzer: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough

thruuu SERP Analyzer

So, we decided to let you in on one of our best-kept secrets here at Stratabeat.

It’s called thruuu.

The importance of SEO cannot be understated. But, it all starts with good keyword research and an understanding of the search intent for those keywords. The SERP analysis (search engine results page analysis) needed to understand user intent can be incredibly time-consuming. There are hundreds of data points to consider. A single analysis, when done right, could take hours to complete.

But thruuu developed something that minimizes that time dramatically. With just one click, you get a treasure trove of data, all organized for easier analysis.

Now that we let our secret out, we’ll share some of the helpful features thruuu offers so that you, too, can get more of your web pages onto Google page one.

What is thruuu?

thruuu is a SERP analysis tool that scrapes the top-ranking pages in Google for a specific keyword and delivers data that you can use to optimize your web page and create great content.

Before thruuu, we would have to open each competing page listed on Google page one and analyze it manually and build out busy spreadsheets. But, now, we get all the SERP information we need in a clean and straightforward interface. All in a single click. It is an incredible time-saver.

thruuu Features

Although we primarily use thruuu to understand the SERP results better, there are other features that we find extremely useful, as well, including:

  • Scrape up to 100 SERP results for a keyword on desktop or mobile
  • Country and language-specific scraping
  • View detailed information for each of the scraped results
  • See how top-ranking pages are using topically relevant terms
  • Understand the heading structure of the top organic results
  • Find opportunities to create great title tags and meta descriptions

Now that you know some of the features, it’s time to put them to use to create the best content for your keyword.

To get started with thruuu, create an account, and you will automatically receive ten free credits to try it out.

Now, let me tell you more about what this tool delivers. Are you ready?

Analyze a Keyword

It all starts with a keyword.

Before starting a SERP analysis, you will need to have a solid keyword strategy. Once you know the keywords you will use, you can head to to start your SERP analysis.

There are several options to customize the SERP analysis to give you the most accurate results for your website.

  • Country: Select your preferred country
  • Location: If you are a local business, you can narrow it down to your locality
  • Search Engine: Select your preferred search engine
  • Language: Choose a specific language
  • Number of Results: How many results would you like to scrape? Google page one? Page one and two? The top 100 SERP results?
  • Device Type: Select desktop or mobile

We typically like to use ten for the number of results as we want to compare the top-ranking pages. You can run a scrape for both device types or use the one that brings the most traffic to your website.

You can also include page performance metrics to see how well sites are doing in terms of site speed.

thruuu SERP Analyzer

SERP Analysis Results

Now that you have scraped the Google results within the parameters you’ve configured, thruuu will work its magic and deliver some pretty delicious information for you to enjoy.

Once the crawl is complete, the top of the results page will give you general information about the keyword. There is an insights box that delivers a core set of SERP information and a download button so you can have all the data in a spreadsheet for a more interactive analysis.

The real magic is happening below the SERP insights box, though!

Everything you need to create a fantastic content outline for your keyword and even to get new keyword and topic ideas is waiting for you. The tab bar at the top of the results provides access to different insights.

Below is a summary of each of the sections.


The moment has arrived! Now you have some actual data to work with to understand how to create the best piece of content possible based on what top-ranking pages are doing. The results tab will give you an overview of the pages ranking in the top positions for the keyword you entered.

The results page is available in two viewing options:

  • Card view
  • Table view

Both views reflect the Google page one results and show paid listings, organic listings, people also ask, videos, etc.
The table view offers an overview of each page’s critical data in an easy-to-scan visual.

SERP Results in thruuu

The card view shows a summary of the page with an image. Clicking on the result will open a new tab with more information.

thruuu SERP Analyzer

When you click on any of the results, it will expand to show you specific details about that page. All the vital information about the page, including title tag, meta description, headings, top topics in the body copy, and more, are included.

thruuu Expanded View


You might be creating content about a keyword, but adding topics related to that primary term is essential. It will help Google understand your content. Google is looking to rank content that is comprehensive and answers the query in a way that will satisfy the searcher. Google is therefore going to be looking for highly relevant related keywords, and if it doesn’t find them in your content piece, it may not deem the content to be as relevant and useful.

You can also use the popular topics listed in thruuu to help you make better content than your competitors. Check the two-word and three-word topics that are commonly found within the listings from Google page one. Write more thoroughly and cover a range of related topics that the searcher would find useful, and both Google and your reader will benefit.

The Topics tab features a few different options for finding topic ideas that you should include in your content. You can easily see the topics in the top-ranking pages and just the top three organic results to help you understand the importance of the terms.

At the bottom of the page is a browse all topics feature so you can explore even more topical ideas. Some of the data you can find include:

  • See how many times a keyword is being used on the top-ranking pages
  • Filter by one, two, or three-word phrases
  • Read snippets of content to see how the terms are used on the page
  • Minimum and maximum count on page

Analyzing these topics and adding them to your content can help you outrank the competition.

thruuu Topics


The Outline feature within thruuu allows you to see the content outlines for the top organic results in Google. There are two different ways to view the outlines, including a section view and a bird’s eye view.

I am a fan of the bird’s eye view option, which you can see below. I can easily see how each page is broken out with header tags and understand the keywords being used in each. It is a great resource to help create my content outline.

thruuu Outline


The title tag is an essential part of your page and a direct Google ranking factor. With the help of thruuu, you can see at a glance what the top-ranking pages are using as their title tag. It also provides a match score that can help you understand if Google is using the exact title tag of the page or if they are displaying a modified version.

Suppose a page has a 100% match, which suggests that Google uses the title tag the website intended. It can be a great indicator to help you create yours to minimize the chance of Google changing it. You can also find the keyword frequency for the title tags so you know the essential terms to add.thruuu Page Titles

Heading 1

View all the H1 tags, another direct Google ranking factor, used on the top organic pages. You can also view the frequency of keywords used in the H1 to align those terms with your H1.

thruuu Headings


thruuu shows you the meta description of the ranked pages and indicates if Google is changing it. It provides a match grade between the two. So, if Google is using the meta description in its entirety “as is”, it would be a 100% match.

Any other grade would mean Google changed something from the meta tag that the website owner created. Now you can see what Google might be looking for in a meta tag.

This tab also shares the most frequently used terms in the meta description.

thruuu Meta Descriptions


The questions tab has so much great information. You can find the following in this section:

  • People Also Asked (PAA): These questions come right from Google and are directly related to the main keyword. Adding these questions to your content is highly recommended.
  • Heading Questions: Find questions from the H1 and H2 tags of the top-ranking pages in Google.
  • Blog Post Questions: See what real people are asking in blogs. If there are comments on the top-ranking pages that have questions from readers, thruuu will show them.
  • FAQ Schema: See the websites that are using FAQ Schema markup. The more pages using it, the more critical it is that you do, too.

thruuu Questions

Related Search

Related searches are an essential part of keyword analysis and content strategy. thruuu provides a list of keywords related to the main keyword you analyzed. These are taken from the bottom of the Google search results page.

These terms can help identify new content ideas or offer ideas for other words that you can use within the piece of content you will be creating.

For example, in the related search results below, I might want to consider writing a new article specifically on “how to bathe a cat with fleas.” But, I can also see terms like “how to bathe a cat that hates water,” which I can add to this current article.

thruuu Related Search


Video is a great way to maximize visibility. If you find several pages with embedded videos ranking on Google page one, it is a signal that you may want to consider creating one.

In addition to identifying videos within ranking content, thruuu also finds the videos that are ranking at the top of the Google results themselves. You can then decide if you want to create a video to maximize your SERP real estate for the selected keyword. The results will show the position the video ranks in, the YouTube channel name, and publish date.

thruuu Videos


See the images that are ranking in the main Google search results.

thruuu Images

Sources & Links

In the Sources & Links tab, you can find the pages to which the top organic results are linking. Use this data to obtain ideas for links and resources you might want to include in your content.

thruuu Sources & Links

About Samuel Schmitt

Samuel Schmittthruuu was developed by Samuel Schmitt. With more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing, web development, content strategy and SEO, he’s passionate about Google and organic search.

I can also attest that he’s a really great person (and also very funny!).

Using thruuu In the Stratabeat Workflow

thruuu has become an integral part of Stratabeat’s workflow for planning optimized content.

We use a variety of tools in the keyword research process, and thruuu is one of our favorites.

After completing a comprehensive keyword analysis, we reference thruuu during the content outline process. Analyzing the SERPs with thruuu has saved us from doing the process manually, resulting in many hours saved each month. Now, we have more time to focus on content ideation, creation, and optimization.

Stratabeat increased organic traffic for one of our clients by 7,235.7% within three years. For another, we increased organic traffic by more than 100,000 per month within a year. For yet another, we helped our client go from 50 to 250 employees within two years. We take B2B SEO and optimized content very seriously and hope that you see how valuable thruuu can be to your marketing results, as well.

DISCLOSURE: Stratabeat has a marketing relationship with thruuu. But our love of thruuu came first. Because we found the tool so useful, we reached out to Samuel Schmitt and forged a marketing partnership. And you can count on us always being fully truthful about thruuu features and benefits (as well as about any other topic). We’ll give it to you straight!

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