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Rethink Your Marketing

Rethink Your Marketing

Basketball-playing sumo wrestlers.

Kitchen blenders grinding up iPhones, golf balls, and crowbars.

The willful firing of 60% of one’s clients.

What do all of these have in common? They are each innovative real-life examples of lateral thinking that ignited the growth of their businesses. Announcing Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth, a new book by Stratabeat CEO Tom Shapiro. If your business has hit a revenue plateau and you feel like you’re treading water, the book teaches you how to get unstuck and to reimagine the possibilities for your marketing.

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Insights from Domino’s, Tough Mudder, Nike, and More

Rethink Your Marketing provides counterintuitive examples from more than 50 companies, including interviews with top executives at Domino’s, Tough Mudder, Nike, Legendary Entertainment, Moz, among others, illustrating the power of strategic thinking.

Companies that Rethink

Want to uncover how Domino’s became the fastest-growing restaurant brand in the U.S.? Not just in the fast-food category or among pizza brands. It’s the fastest-growing restaurant, period!

Want to know how Legendary Entertainment upended the way the entire movie industry markets films, leading to its $3.5 billion acquisition?

Want to know how Tough Mudder grew from one obstacle race in Macungie, Pennsylvania to more than $100 million in annual revenue within five years?

This book’s got you covered!

The Power of Lateral Thinking


Too often companies find themselves merely tweaking, tinkering, and dabbling around the edges instead of taking bold, decisive action. Too often companies look to more successful competitors for ideas of what to do next. Too often companies fall victim to the shiny new object syndrome and jump into whatever the media happens to be hyping at the time.

Ironically, none of these approaches leads to growth.

Rethink Your Marketing outlines seven unique strategies to break the mold of “business as usual” and uncover new opportunities to grow your business and stand out amongst the sea of sameness. The book teaches you to ignore industry best practices and to instead challenge your beliefs on what will result in success.

Want to hear more about dunking sumo wrestlers and other game-changing stories?
Get the book Rethink Your Marketing
 and start unleashing your revenue growth!

A Career Built on Rethinking Marketing

Tom ShapiroStemming from years of agency experience developing marketing strategies for startups, middle market companies, and Fortune 100 companies alike, Shapiro understands the potential of rethinking one’s marketing firsthand. When he joined the digital marketing agency iProspect as the 85th employee, the company relied on large industry events for the generation of new leads. Each event cost approximately $30,000 to $50,000 and was full of competition desperately competing for the attention of the attendees. So…how are you supposed to stand out in a sea of competitors who are all saying and doing similar things?

Answer: Stop and rethink!

Together with a colleague, Shapiro launched a series of small intimate events at less than 1/10 of the cost. The first two events produced multi-million dollar clients respectively and the local functions soon became the company’s top lead driver. The organization then grew to over 700 employees within five years. This is just one example of how taking the time to rethink your marketing can unleash powerful revenue growth.

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Praise for Rethink Your Marketing

“Tom has created a wonderfully concise, fun to read roadmap for all brands – no matter where they are in their life cycle – who are eager to 10X their growth,” states Andrew Wilson, Account Executive of Google. “’Rethink Your Marketing’ should be required reading for anyone working in a marketing role.
– Andrew Wilson, Account Executive, Google

“This book is full of ways to unlock your brand’s growth potential. Rethink Your Marketing uses real-world examples and scientific research to back up its highly actionable strategies. If your business is stuck in low gear, this book will get you moving!”
– Roger Dooley, author of Brainfluence

Rethink Your Marketing will help you break through plateaus and guide you to discover new opportunities for your business.”
— Darren Hardy, Success Mentor to CEOs & Founding Publisher SUCCESS Magazine

“I’ve had a chance to witness Tom’s thoughtful, impactful, and innovative approach to marketing first hand as an entrepreneur who worked with him across a number of marketing and business initiatives that made a HUGE impact for my company. His inquisitive and engaging personal style comes across in this focused and well written book that lays out his unique perspective, strategies, and marketing approaches. Tom’s an incredible marketing and business mind (and a great person to boot), and rest assured you’ll find a number of really meaningful concepts and strategies you can apply to make yourself a more effective and innovative professional in here.”
– Brad Hartman, VP of People, Unum Therapeutics

“Tom tackles marketing challenges strategically, and always with the target audience in mind. His book helps you to take a step back and uncover new opportunities for your organization, creatively forging new and effective ways to connect with your audience and achieve your marketing goals.”
– Howard Brodsky, Co-Founder, Chairman, and Co-CEO, CCA Global Partners

Get Ready to Rethink. Get Ready to Unleash Growth.

So, are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Stand out from the competition? Grow your revenue? Get Rethink Your Marketing today and discover powerful strategies to push the boundaries and achieve growth.

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