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Rethink Lead Generation

Rethink Lead Generation

Introducing Rethink Lead Generation: Advanced Strategies to Generate More Leads for Your Business, a new book by Tom Shapiro, CEO at Stratabeat.

If you’re frustrated with your lead generation results and you’re looking to turn things around, this book is for you. Rethink Lead Generation teaches you how to think differently to unleash growth. Learn to transform your lead generation results through innovative approaches to your website, SEO, content, ABM, and referrals.

Read the book and uncover strategies to leverage creativity, lateral thinking, and marketing innovation to attract more attention, leads, and revenue.

Rethink Lead Generation helps B2B marketing teams to grow their business. The book explains why best practices simply envelope you in a sea of sameness with your competitors, and why you should instead be looking to think differently, implement the non-obvious, and pursue a unique path for your business.

The book debuted as a #1 New Release on Amazon, and I hope it continues to find its way into the hands of many more marketers.

What they are saying about Rethink Lead Generation:

“If your lead gen needs a Red Bull, Tom’s book is here.”

—Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and bestselling author

“This is a must-read book for folks that want to inject more creativity and lateral thinking into their lead generation efforts. If your lead generation strategy is stuck in the ditch, Rethink Lead Generation is a tow truck to get you back out on the freeway.”

—April Dunford, Author of Obviously Awesome

“If you want extreme results, you can’t rely on common practices. Tom walks you through bold and innovative ways to transform your lead generation results. The book will help you rethink your strateegy and push you to achieve far more for your business.”

—Jeff Coyle, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse

I’m the author. If this is our first time meeting, welcome, it’s great to get to know you. My career has been defined by growth. I’ve helped clients to achieve 5X growth (50 to 250 employees) in the span of two years,  I’ve helped other clients achieve 6,664% organic page views growth in the course of three years, and I’ve helped countless others achieve a record volume of leads. Previously, while I was Director of Digital Strategy at iProspect, the company grew from 85 to more than 700 employees within five years. Prior to that, I was responsible for U.S. market entry for a British company, and I wound up tripling the company’s revenue.

I write all of this simply to stress that Rethink Lead Generation can help you increase your leads. If you’re looking to accelerate growth, it’s a powerful guide.

Join the book launch live stream event at Noon EST on January 25th, and learn effective leads growth strategies as well as more about the book!

Order Rethink Lead Generation today!