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Digital Summit 2020: Stratabeat to Teach Attendees How to Increase Conversions

Digital Summit 2020 with Tom Shapiro

Companies spend 92X more on driving traffic over increasing conversions. The result? A lost opportunity to drive greater leads and revenue. Sound familiar? Then you’ll want to turn to Tom Shapiro’s presentation at December’s Digital Summit.

Digital Summit 2020Shapiro, Stratabeat’s CEO and author of the book Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth, will address this problem at the upcoming Digital Summit at Home, alongside thought leaders from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Cisco, 3M and more.

Shapiro’s presentation, 20 Crazy Effective Methods for Increasing Your Conversions, will focus on 20 techniques — including behavioral intelligence, human psychology and UX — to get more conversions and increase your website’s ROI.

Looking to increase leads, schedule more demos, boost sales, grow your email list, promote an event or drive other types of conversions? After this session, you’ll be able to target your website visitors more effectively and capitalize on behavioral analysis to increase conversions and rethink your website, transforming it from merely a collection of web pages into a highly strategic conversion engine.

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