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Cutting Through an Astonishing Amount of Noise

Cutting through the Noise

There’s so much noise in the market now, it’s ridiculous. To get your message heard by the right people at the right time, your business needs a marketing strategy that effectively slices through millions of competing messages, posts and distractions.

To understand the challenge presented by the noise bombarding your target audience, the business management software company Domo has created the third in a series of infographics (see below) demonstrating the sheer volume of Internet data produced every single minute. Facebook users now “Like” close to 4.2 million posts a minute. Twitter users send 347K+ Tweets. Instagram users “Like” 3.7 million photos. YouTube users upload 300 hours of video. And BuzzFeed users watch 34K+ videos. EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY!

Domo’s Founder and CEO, Josh James, points out that the flow of data is accelerating and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future. He writes, “Since 2013, the global internet population grew nearly 20% – from 2.4 billion to 3.2 billion people… Vine, for example, didn’t even exist when we released our first infographic. Today, over 1 million Vines are watched every minute, and top Viners earn tens of thousands of dollars per month in sponsorships – for making six-second videos. Welcome to 2015.”

To cut through this astonishing amount of noise, it’s critical to remember that, from a strategic perspective, it’s more effective to pick your battles, focus and then execute like crazy. Spreading your marketing too thin can be counterproductive and can dilute its effectiveness, resulting in weaker results. Focusing on areas where you are fully committed to winning, and then doing whatever it takes to be better than the competition and more valuable to your target audience, is a more reliable method for crushing it!

See Domo’s infographic, below:


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