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Stratabeat to Showcase Behavioral Intelligence Strategies on WP Engine Webinar

Behavioral Intelligence Webinar

Marketers are taught to measure website performance by analytics. Yet, what if you learned that your reliance on Google Analytics tells you only part of the story? That by using only web analytics data to assess performance, you might end up with the wrong insights and conclusions?

Website Behavioral Analysis - WebinarBehavioral Intelligence Strategies

Join us on March 27th as we walk you through behavioral intelligence strategies on the WP Engine webinar “Using Behavioral Intelligence to Improve Website Performance.”

Behavioral intelligence helps you go beyond surface-level data. By learning how to detect and interpret digital body language, you can get a more complete picture of what site visitors are doing on your website, and can more fully direct users to the right content, provide more engaging experiences and optimize conversions.

Featured Speaker

The webinar’s featured speaker will be Tom Shapiro, Stratabeat’s CEO and author of the book Rethink Your Marketing: 7 Strategies to Unleash Revenue Growth. During the webinar Shapiro will share stories about how behavioral intelligence has helped Stratabeat clients — and even Stratabeat itself — improve website performance, and will explain how you can effectively use behavioral insights to win even more online!

Register today and get ready to transform your website into a high-performance growth engine through a range of effective behavioral intelligence strategies.

Webinar Details

Date: March 27, 2019
Time: 9am PDT | 11am CDT | 12pm EDT
Duration: 45 Minutes


Register for the webinar today, and improve your website performance.