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Announcing Neuromarketing-palooza!


The human brain contains approximately 86 billion nerve cells, called neurons, connected through trillions of connections. Putting it all together, this enables the brain to act as the command center of the body, controlling the nervous system and the actions one takes. Pretty powerful stuff! And understanding the brain’s workings for your marketing is pretty powerful, as well.

Brain Science

In fact, applying “brain science” to your marketing enables your brand to attract more attention, drive more website traffic and increase conversions. With a fuller understanding of the human brain and human behavior, you’ll be able to not only connect more deeply with your prospective customers but you’ll also be able to drive them to the actions that matter.


Neuromarketing-palooza Meetup EventIt’s with this understanding that Stratabeat is excited to announce the formation of the Boston Neuromarketing Meetup and the group’s first event, Neuromarketing-palooza, at 6pm on November 12th in Boston’s historic Leather District. We created the group so that marketers and designers can discuss methods for applying brain science for more effective attraction, lead generation, conversion optimization, customer acquisition and loyalty-building.

Some of the areas that the group will cover overall include neuroscience, cognitive psychology, neuroaesthetics, human behavior, persuasion, user experience and conversion optimization.


Neuromarketing-palooza’s November 12th line-up:

  • Interactive demo of iMotion’s human behavior research technology, which combines eye tracking, facial expression recognition, EEG and more.
  • Brad Hartman, Founder & Managing Partner at ConnectedSearch, and an expert in behavioral interviewing with a degree in Neuroscience, will discuss how we remember information.
  • Tom Shapiro, CEO of the marketing, branding & design agency Stratabeat, will walk the audience through methods for improving cognitive fluency in website design.

Join Us!

Come join us for a fun and educational evening on November 12th. The event is free, although registration is required to enter the building.

Join the Boston Neuromarketing Meetup.

Register for Neuromarketing-palooza (Nov 12).