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Announcing Neuromarketing-palooza II


Applying brain science to your marketing enables your brand to attract more attention, drive more website traffic and increase conversions. Understanding the human brain and human behavior empowers your marketing team to connect more deeply with your prospective customers, guide them to take action, and develop more valued relationships over time. This is the power of neuromarketing.


Neuromarketing-palooza Meetup EventIt’s with this understanding that Stratabeat is excited to announce its 2nd Neuromarketing-palooza event at 6:30pm on January 28th in Boston’s historic Leather District. Our kickoff event was held in November, with approximately 40 attendees. We’re excited for another fun and educational evening this time.

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Neuromarketing-palooza’s January 28th line-up:

  • Uncover What Your Target Audience is Feeling – Emotions are the number one influencer of attention, perception, memory, human behavior and decision-making. And to that end, our featured speaker will be Gabi Zijderveld, VP of Marketing and Product Strategy at Affectiva (, leaders in emotion analytics and insights. Gabi will be giving a demo of their technology, which delivers insights into people’s emotional engagement with anything from websites to brands, advertising, movie trailers and TV programs.
  • Making ‘Em Click – I’ll be covering effective methods for writing headlines that get more clicks. Headlines are everywhere we look online, whether in websites, blogs, articles, Tweets or emails. I’ll do a deep-dive into the psychology of why people can’t resist clicking on certain headlines yet ignore others. Learn to write irresistible headlines that drive attention, clicks and traffic.

Boston Neuromarketing Meetup Group

The Neuromarketing-palooza event series is hosted by the Boston Neuromarketing Meetup Group. Stratabeat created the Meetup so that marketers and designers can discuss methods for applying brain science for more effective attraction, lead generation, conversion optimization, customer acquisition and loyalty-building.

Some of the areas that the group covers include neuroscience, cognitive psychology, neuroaesthetics, human behavior, persuasion, user experience and conversion optimization.

Join Us!

Come join us for a fun and educational evening on January 28th. The event is free, although registration is required to enter the building.

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