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Reaching Executives through Online Video

Online Video

Does your business need to reach executives? Online video may be your ticket!

In a study conducted by Google, 75% of executives view work-related videos on business related websites weekly, and 52% of executives view business-related videos on YouTube. They are watching!

But are online videos effective? Well, consider this. After 72 hours, a typical executive can retain about 10% of text that they’ve read, 65% of an image they’ve seen, or 95% of a video they watched. They remember what they watch!

Now the hard part – how do you effectively market to these executives? Below are three tips you must know when diving into online video.

1. The Right Video for the Right Viewer.

On business-related websites executives seek business news, business insights, and product reviews. Therefore, before you create a video or place it in a channel, ask yourself what type of information does my customer need, and where are they consuming it.

For example, an ad-serving platform could provide marketing trends, tips, and market updates. On the other hand, executives on YouTube prefer demos, testimonials, and product reviews. A great video to put on YouTube for the same ad-serving platform would be a product demo or a testimonial from a reputable ad agency talking about how the platform has saved them countless hours and improved campaign performance.

2. Put Your Big Data to Work and Personalize it!

With the growth of data and analytics, you can understand how, when, and where each of your customers is consuming your video content. Use this information to create a personal experience through your video. A great way to do this is by offering real-time offers and promotions during the videos.

For example, a small-business office supply company could serve videos ads promoting a business deal for printers on YouTube, on videos containing reviews on printers.

3. Sometimes More is More.

Executives love information! Nearly half of all executives feel a good length for a work-related video is 3-5 minutes, and 59% of executives prefer to watch a video that also has text along with it. This is a blessing for many B2B advertisers who feel their product or software is more complex than 30 seconds can allow.

For example, an online accounting software firm can very easily market to their customers with a 3-minute demonstrational video, alongside a step-by-step instructional walkthrough, and therefore providing the user with information they will want before making a buying decision.

Online video is not only an effective medium for B2B advertisers trying to reach executives, but provides your brand with a decided competitive edge. Executives do not stop the brand experience with your video. In the same Google study as above, 65% of executives visited a vendor’s site after watching a work-related online video.

So go Hollywood with your marketing. What have you got to lose? (The answer: engaged executives!)