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Stratabeat Wins 3 Website Design Awards

Website Design Awards

Stratabeat is proud to announce that it has won three website design awards. Our agency has been named a Horizon Interactive Awards winner for two client websites, including the website. In addition, Stratabeat was honored with a #2 ranking out of the top agency websites in the Above the Fold Awards by WebMechanix for our own website.

Horizon Interactive Awards

The Horizon Interactive Awards is now in its 14th season, recognizing the “best of the best” in interactive media production. The competition recognizes, promotes and awards the best websites, videos, online advertising, print media and mobile applications. Entries are judged on creativity, originality, overall design, user experience, messaging, technical merit and effectiveness. This year’s competition received over 1,100 entries from 21 countries around the world.

Horizon Interactive Awards

Mike Sauce, Founder and President of the Horizon Interactive Awards, says, “The 2015 Horizon Interactive Awards competition saw over 1,100 entries from around the world and nearly all 50 US states. Stratabeat’s two winning websites are an example of work that has achieved a high standard of excellence in the field of interactive media production. The Horizon Interactive Awards judging criteria recognizes sites that exhibit a mastery of the blend between aesthetics, outstanding content, innovation, usability, and performance. We are proud to highlight their efforts in what was one of the most outstanding competitions in our rich 14 year history as an organization.”

Above the Fold Awards

The Above the Fold Awards recognizes agency websites that are well designed, user-friendly, feature good content, have exceptional technical configurations, and are customer-centric. The sites had to score highly in each of these categories to be considered, and then needed to withstand statistical modeling and judging by the panel to make the final rankings.

The Above the Fold Awards included the following praise for the Stratabeat website: “Content was one of the broadest and hardest categories to score. And Stratabeat won it. This was the only agency that successfully aligned their communications strategy with their brand. Every little piece of content here subtly tells a story, it stands alone and paints a bigger picture. By the time you arrive at the contact page, you’ve had the thought placed in your head, ‘These guys are the best in the industry’ and you’ve never once seen those words written in full.”

Additional words of praise for the Stratabeat website included, “The content is arranged purposefully, the site structure leads to logical endpoints, and the color scheme is smart and snappy but doesn’t overwhelm. The Stratabeat website could teach us all a thing or two about functional design.”

“We’re thrilled with the three design awards,” says Tom Shapiro, CEO of Stratabeat. “Our team is relentless in the pursuit of aesthetically beautiful websites that drive real business results. Kudos to the team for the achievement.”

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