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Engaging in a complete rebranding initiative is a major undertaking, but partnering with Stratabeat made the process seamless and efficient. They brought a strategic approach to every aspect of the work, and were able to help us articulate our brand in a new, unique and powerful way. The methodology used to advantageously position our brand was deeply thought through, enabling Stratabeat to develop a website that looks fantastic, and a sales deck that is persuasive and compelling - everything really hits the mark. I strongly recommend them!

Derek Spence, Chairman & CEO


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Alan Osetek, CEO

Paper Crane

We are extremely happy with our new website. From the design to SEO to the focus on driving conversions, Stratabeat knocked it out of the park. The team was responsive and provided us with hi-touch services throughout the entire process, even quickly adding a few new landing pages just prior to launch. Paper Crane's technology is cutting edge, and I now feel that we have a website that matches the power of our software. I strongly recommend Stratabeat to anyone looking for a new website.

Stratabeat is a great marketing partner. Very collaborative and always pushing to achieve more for Perlu. They have a potent blend of expertise in brand strategy and demand marketing, and I love the passion and energy they bring. We're thrilled with their help getting our brand to be sharp and compelling, building supporting content, driving traffic, and getting the business off the ground and climbing quickly. I highly recommend them.

Andres Echenique, CEO


Kylie Beals, Director of Performance Marketing, eCommerce

Clarks Shoes

It is rare to find a partner that spends the appropriate amount of time understanding and appreciating your business; Stratabeat was that partner for us. Everyone at Stratabeat took the time to understand our overarching strategy and the opportunities and limitations of that strategy. They were able to create quick wins, but they also pointed us to larger, meatier opportunities to include on our roadmap.

Another key to our relationship: their skill across multiple inbound and outbound channels as well as content creation, this gives them a broader view of our marketing priorities and helps them tease out cross-channel wins. It also felt like we had a trusted partner to help us scale down and scale up our capabilities across channels.

As a rapidly growing and evolving professional services business in a highly competitive market, we needed to revisit our brand strategy to really capture and amplify who we are and what we deliver in the market today. We chose Stratabeat to help us deliver major results for this challenge for our business, and even with high expectations, we were blown away by what Stratabeat brought to us throughout the process.

They were a highly engaged, consultative, discerning, and curious partner who took a lot of time to understand us, our competition, and our market. And the final results were amazing, from the brand strategy, to the marketing plan, as well as our logo and website development. I would choose them again in a heartbeat. 15/10 – these guys are crazy good. Thanks Stratabeat!

Brad Hartman, Co-Founder


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Robert Baker, Founder & Co-Owner


I love it!! Looks amazing!!!! We’re on our way!!! You guys are ROCKSTARS!!!!!

Pardon my French…but that is @#$%^^& HOT!!!! The choreographer shots and pages are ridiculous…everything is awesome!

Harris Roth, COO


Aaron Bacon, Digital Marketing Director


We partnered with Stratabeat on a new product website. They contributed designs, development, messaging, and most importantly an outside perspective that helped us achieve an end website that made all of our stakeholders happy.

To support the growth and the evolution of our services, we engaged Stratabeat to create a brand, logo and web experience that is visually stunning and incorporates crystal clear messaging. From the very beginning, the team at Stratabeat spent the time to deeply understand our business, culture and market. They synthesized our inputs and delivered a set of finished products that exceed our expectations. Throughout the process, communication was excellent and the high level of execution kept us on time and on budget. It was a pleasure working with Stratabeat...would strongly recommend.

Brock Fay, Chief Business Development Officer

ProHealth Partners

Viji Davis, CMO

Resolution Media

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Our clients are some of the world’s most well-known brands, therefore, our marketing activities and schedule can be quite demanding. Stratabeat is such a great partner and are always coming through in the clutch. They truly epitomize the meaning of partnership…I truly feel like they are an extension of my team. From, finding creative solutions to highly time-sensitive challenges, working with our internal teams and being a sounding board and generally offering up sound advice, I could not ask for better partners.

I’ve worked with a variety of marketing firms through the years. Stratabeat is different. Really different. They are a combination of strategist, marketing consultant, designer, web developer, get-it-all-done-no-matter-what-it-takes partner all in one... We are thrilled with what they have produced for us.

Dan Grinberg, President


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Tracy Lin, Digital Marketing Manager

Sika Corporation

I have worked with many digital marketing agencies and Stratabeat really stands out. Instead of throwing out SEO templates like many SEO agencies do, they mapped out all the important elements and did a great job helping me to prioritize and execute based on my company's unique operation model and goals. They have great strategies on maximizing conversions and are willing to dig deep into analytics to find trends or identify issues. I am impressed with how much work they put into researching and digging in order to present me accurate analysis and recommendations. They are truely an all-in-one agency that has deep knowledge on SEO, PPC, Website Design, Mobile Strategy, Content Marketing, and Web Analytics. I would highly recommend them!

Our company interacts with some of the largest brands in the world, across several industries. It’s important that our branding communicates our value to these markets. After speaking with several agencies, we decided to work with Stratabeat and couldn’t be happier with our decision. The Stratabeat team exceeded our expectations in their work with us. Their expertise in advanced marketing and sales strategies modernized, and improved, our approach with prospective customers. They are a world class agency, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them.

Steve Cunningham, Director of Marketing & Business Development


Gabi Zijderveld, CMO


We had our first ever conference planned at the MIT Media Lab and were on an extremely tight schedule. Stratabeat jumped in head-first, brainstorming mountains of ideas, developing a promotional plan, and crafting hard-hitting messaging for the event. From our website to email marketing to retargeting and beyond, they helped us get the word out and reach our target audience. They were great team players, helping us attract hundreds of attendees and creating a buzz around the event. We highly recommend Stratabeat for any company looking to promote an event.

The Stratabeat team was instrumental in helping us discover our brand and identity in a crowded SaaS field service management market. The team at Stratabeat took the time to understand the industry and discovered key branding differentiators for us that required minimal changes or edits when presented to key stakeholders. That’s how much time they invest in getting it right the first time in order to start implementing true change to your company immediately. Their marketing expertise, particularly in the SaaS space, showed when they helped us formulate more precise conversion points on our website for further lead generation. Fixify would have struggled to find its brand and marketing footing if it wasn’t for Stratabeat.

Jessica Aceto, Sales & Marketing Manager


Bob Clement, President/COO

Park Lodge Hotel Group

We had invited Stratabeat to pitch us on a redesign of our website. When they arrived, what we got instead was a full customer journey, insights into the digital experience, and a brand new digital strategy. Talk about strategic thinking! Since that first meeting, they launched three websites for us simultaneously, each helping us to connect with a different audience segment. The team at Stratabeat is passionate, energetic and extremely easy to work with. We highly recommend them for any business looking to take its marketing to the next level.

What can I say about the team at Stratabeat? Well, for starters, they are fantastic people and very easy to work with. Beyond that, they understand all channels of digital marketing from a strategic and tactical standpoint. They also get branding – which is rare, I think, for a team so grounded in (and great at) all things digital. They did a tremendous job helping us articulate our brand in a way we never could have done ourselves. They also created a web site that truly reflects that brand, upgrading our online presence immeasurably. I highly recommend Tom, Sean and the entire team at Stratabeat. I would absolutely work with them again.

Tim Walsh, Co-Founder


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Rich Ezzo, Director of Sales and Marketing


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We engaged Stratabeat to help us with a total re-branding initiative, and they exceeded our expectations. Time frames were met, flexibility was granted, and options were plenty. They were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the process, and we are simply ecstatic with the end result they delivered. I give them my highest recommendation.

Stratabeat has more than exceeded our expectations for a partnership. The Stratabeat team is always on top of things and willing to go above and beyond to help our organization succeed and flourish. Their design work is creative and detailed, and they were instrumental in the design of our 15th anniversary logo to celebrate 15 seasons in the league. Stratabeat is quick to respond, quick to help, and quick to get complete, accurate, and well-thought-out work back to us. Couldn't be more proud and appreciative to have them as a partner now, and in the future.

Katherine Donnelly, Marketing & Communications Manager

Boston Cannons

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Joyce Lebedew, Principal

Joyce Lebedew Real Estate

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Stratabeat is a great marketing partner. They have increased our online visibility, strengthened our web presence, and most importantly doubled our Leads. They are always thinking, brainstorming and collaborating with us on new ideas, and are one of the most proactive agencies you’ll ever meet. I highly recommend Stratabeat to anyone interested in a strategic marketing partner.

We’re so happy to have found Stratabeat. They made it a point to really understand our market and business goals. Their attention to detail, thorough and frequent status updates, and SEM mastery have made them a pleasure to work with.

AppFolio, Inc.

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Christine McCaull, Founder


We met Tom when we collaborated on a shared client project, and after seeing the clarity of his thinking, the pace of follow through and the professionalism of his work, we not only engaged Tom to help us launch our company’s online marketing efforts, but also chose Stratabeat to be our trusted partner in strategic brand thinking on a sensitive new media property. They challenge our thinking, are supportive and positive, and deliver what they promise. Whether it’s a complete positioning strategy, or a component such as Search Engine Optimization, we couldn’t recommend Stratabeat highly enough.

Stratabeat is a pleasure to do business with. They are professional, dedicated and responsive. Even with aggressive timelines to meet our product launch date, they delivered our website directly in line with our needs. What is especially great about their team is that they are marketers at heart. And so every consideration for the website took into account providing our customers and reps with an excellent experience on the site. I highly recommend Stratabeat.

Bob Fiori, President

Green Power

Elliot Page, Founder

Page Music

Stratabeat has been exceptional at transforming our business into a thriving and profitable entity. They helped us increase our revenue by over 400% and achieve Google Page One rankings on just about every single one of our targeted keywords. I wholeheartedly recommend Stratabeat.

Our consultant, Tom, is incredibly detail oriented and very thorough with his analysis and he consistently makes great suggestions. We consider Tom a trusted advisor and highly recommend his services.

AppFolio, Inc.

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Robert Murray, CEO

iProspect (currently President, Skyword)

Tom Shapiro is a truly strategic digital mind whom I have had the pleasure of working with for the last five years. His work ethic and attitude are truly outstanding and he understands what it takes to succeed in the digital world. He is a true team player and a great manager of people. I give Tom the highest endorsement possible.

Tom is nothing short of exceptional. Tom has a very rare ability to build Strategic Solutions for customers/prospects that are incredibly unique and creative that cause the audience to go “WOW, we didn’t think about that” or “thats an interesting way of solving our challenge”. He not only listens, but also understand the needs of customers/prospects. The things that make Tom head and shoulders above any other Strategist, Solution Builder, Relationship Manager, etc is that he is completely genuine. He’s just an all round NICE guy who happens to be incredibly gifted and intelligent!

John Tawadros, COO

iProspect (currently COO, EverQuote)