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Top 5 Wackiest Lorem Ipsum Generators

Looking to have a little fun with your next design mockup? Say ‘goodbye’ to stodgy, old Lorem Ipsum (i.e. incomprehensible dummy text) and say ‘hello’ to these playful tongue in cheek lorem ipsum generators. We’ve tracked down the best of the best in usability, appearance and humor. Check them out!

Advice to Marketing Directors: If ever you’re reviewing a mockup only to realize that the filler text is a little more colorful than usual, then go on and give your designer a high-five because s/he has a pretty great sense of humor!

1. Hipster Ipsum

For filler text interspersed with mentions of “fanny packs,” “selfies” and “kale chips,” look no further than Hipster Ipsum, where you can inject hilarious, nonsensical hipsterisms straight into your mockup. On top of being a simple, well-designed site, it has the mark of a well-branded product: personality!

2. Gangsta Ipsum

Get down to bizzle with this gangsta fizzle. Gangata Lorem Ipsum is your one-stop for edgy filler text – one izzile, rizzle, shizzle at a time! But if that’s too tame for you, try the uproarious, albeit offensive, Samuel L Ipsum. This one’s R-rated, so unless you work with some chill peeps, save SLIpsum for playtime.

3. Bacon Ipsum

Probably the most established brand on the list, Bacon Ipsum is more than just a lorem ipsum generator pumping out pork-filled dummy text. The site features an active blog, a downloadable App, and a picture generator that sizes tender, meaty placeholder images for your mockup. This site proves that design is better with a side of bacon.

4. Veggie Ipsum

Responding to the heightened bacon buzz, a group of omnivores at Peopledesign united to create “The vegetarian lorem ipsum generator.” Sticking it to carnivores, Veggie Ipsum generates filler text featuring vegetarian and vegan favorites: beets, broccoli and arugula, oh my!

5. Beer Ipsum

Boasting malty, delicious lorem ipsum text perfect for a Friday afternoon, Beer Ipsum is sure to infuse your next mockup with humor, and a sudden thirst for hops! Easy to use. Clean design. Premium brews!