Workbar Website Success Story


Transforming the Website of a Coworking Innovator

When Workbar came to Stratabeat, its website was misaligned with the brand. Stratabeat redesigned the website with an aesthetic matching Workbar's stunning workspace environments while also driving significant organic traffic growth.


Increased YoY monthly organic search traffic by 29.1% within three months of new site launch


Increased YoY unique monthly page views by 24.8% within three months of new site launch

Award-Winning Website

Winner of the GOLD Muse Creative Award & GOLD Hermes Creative Award for website design

01 New Website

Workbar provides inspiring, state-of-the-art workspaces for everyone from enterprise teams to growth-oriented startups and freelancers looking for community. We developed the new website to more compellingly target and engage with Workbar’s various audience segments and partners.

02 SEO

Stratabeat built SEO into the foundation of the new website, increasing YoY organic search traffic by 29.1% within three months of new site launch. After the new site went live, traffic to Workbar’s “Location” pages (the most important conversion pages in the site) increased significantly year over year.

03 Award-Winning Design

With the design of the new website, we upgraded the design aesthetic from the prior site, aligning more directly with the inspiring, state-of-the-art aesthetic of Workbar’s workspace locations. As a result, the website has won numerous web design awards, including a GOLD Muse Creative Award, GOLD Hermes Creative Award and a Communicator Award.