Bringing a Fresh Look to San Francisco's Leading Sitecore Agency

Stratabeat updated Cylogy's branding and online presence to better align with their position as the leading Sitecore consulting firm in the greater San Francisco area.

The new website was optimized for organic search through extensive keyword research, on-page SEO, content optimization and technical SEO.

01 Website Audit

The first stage of the engagement was an audit of the prior website. Stratabeat analyzed the site traffic, state of optimization, page content, page layout, website copy, calls-to-action (CTAs), among other factors, and produced a 26-page website audit report to act as a guide for the new site development.

02 Website Design

Cylogy’s prior website was outdated and not representative of the high quality of work the firm delivers to clients. Stratabeat completely overhauled the site, with a new contemporary brand style guide and site design. To increase site performance, we showcased strong testimonials and case studies throughout the site while also strengthening paths to conversion.

03 SEO

The website was optimized for the search engines through extensive keyword research, search intent analysis, on-page SEO, content optimization (Stratabeat wrote the page copy) and technical SEO, teeing up the website for organic traffic growth.