Paid Search Audit

Unleash Better AdWords Results. Eliminate Inefficiencies and Maximize the ROI from Your Campaigns.


Paid Search Audit

Looking for expert Google AdWords advice without a long-term contract? Stratabeat’s Paid Search Audit is your answer. Our Audit is based on a 33-point checklist, and identifies inefficiencies in your AdWords campaigns and delivers recommendations for you to pursue growth opportunities for achieving greater paid search results. The Paid Search Audit includes an assessment of:

  • Campaign targeting settings
  • AdGroups structure
  • Keywords, negative keywords, and match type
  • Ad copy and ad testing configuration
  • Ad extensions
  • Landing pages

Questions? Give us a shout, and we’ll be happy to answer anything on your mind.

Ready to get started? Order an AdWords Paid Search Audit (Price: $3,000), and get a roadmap for more efficient and results-driven AdWords campaigns!

Paid Search Audit

Price: $3,000