Facebook Marketing

25 Insights to Better Facebook Marketing

According to Facebook, more than 500 million people actively use the social networking platform at this time, and 50% of those log on daily. In aggregate, more than 700 billion (that’s right, BILLION) minutes are spent on Facebook monthly. More than 250 million people are engaging with Facebook (through social widgets, etc.) on external websites, and more than 200 million folks are accessing the network through mobile devices such as smartphones.

OK, the potential value of Facebook to your business is obvious.

So the question becomes, how can you uncover the insights you need in order to drive your Facebook marketing to new heights? To that end, you should start by digging into your current Facebook page performance, learning as much as possible, and then leveraging such insights to improve your Facebook marketing for your business.

In each business Page, Facebook provides Insights, which is a set of analytics detailing Page visitors, usage and interaction. If you are a Facebook Page admin, you’ll find the link to Insights (“View Insights”) in the right column of your Facebook Page.

Here are 25 data points that you can find in Facebook Insights, giving you a deeper understanding of your audience and arming you with a wide range of tools to make informed decisions to improve your Facebook marketing.


Use the following 25 data points within Facebook Insights to understand your customers better, to understand which content resonates more deeply, and to understand how to optimize your Facebook marketing in alignment with your audience’s interests and goals.

  1. Source of traffic to your Facebook Page
  2. Number of users, including daily active, weekly active and monthly active users
  3. New “Likes”
  4. New “Unlikes”
  5. Lifetime “Likes”
  6. “Like” sources (number of Likes directly from your Facebook Page, from Search, from friend recommendations, from news streams, from ads, from a Like Box, from a user profile page, etc.)
  7. Unique Page views
  8. Total post views
  9. Impressions per post
  10. Feedback per post (“Likes” and comments combined)
  12. Page content feedback (“Likes” and comments combined)
  13. Gender of your Page visitors
  14. Age of your Page visitors
  15. Countries of your Page visitors
  16. Language of your Page visitors
  17. Tab views (how many views for each individual Tab within your Facebook Page)
  18. Sources for Tab views (from external websites)
  19. Video views
  20. Audio listens
  21. Photo views
  22. Reviews
  23. Mentions (the number of times the name of your Page was mentioned in people’s status updates or Wall posts)
  24. Claimed Deals (since March 8, 2011)
  25. Check-ins to your Facebook Place (since March 8, 2011)

Facebook recently published “Facebook Insights – Product Guide for Facebook Page Owners.” It’s free. Grab a copy and read it. The more that you can understand the real performance of your Facebook page, the better you’ll be to take your Facebook marketing up a notch!