A Breakdown of Google Analytics Demographics & Interest Reports

You already know the crazy useful ways to get more from your Google Analytics account, such as assigning dollar values to actions, analyzing content drill downs, and setting up custom alerts. The savviest marketers also take advantage of Google Analytics Demographics and Interest reports. Here is why you should, too!

The Perks

Google Analytics Demographics and Interest reports go beyond the average age and gender breakdowns. The reports delve deep into the interests of each demographic.

Why is that important? Here are just a few reasons:

  1. Strategic persona building
  2. Content strategy refinement
  3. Cross selling opportunities

Let’s get this demographics party started!

Strategic Persona Building

Defined personas help you to deliver relevant content and ultimately to double your content marketing ROI.

Many advertisers, though, find persona building difficult and still play a guessing game. Demographics reports remove the guesswork. The data highlights which customers have the highest engagements, the lowest cost-per-lead, and the highest conversion rates. Savvy advertisers take this information to discover which are the most valuable personas, and spend their marketing budget targeting those customers that are more likely to buy their products or services.

For example, a software company may discover that males 25-34 who were interested in Sports News and Entertainment News had the top conversion rates but top converting females 25-34, on the other hand, were interested in Business and Real Estate. Ah ha! Now we are talking. Two people of the same age, but with very different interests.

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Refine Your Content Strategy

According to the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 86% of B2B marketers include content marketing in their marketing mix. Merely 35% of them, however, say they have a documented content marketing strategy. As such, many of these marketers will waste money creating content their audience is not interested in, or they will spread themselves too thin in an effort to create content targeting every possible consumer (trying to be “everything to everyone”).

Google Analytics Demographics reports help bring sanity to your content strategy. The data puts a dollar value to each persona, enabling you to more easily calculate the most profitable personas for your business. Sweet relief. Now prioritize your personas based on dollar value and then get busy writing and amplifying your content by targeting the most profitable prospective customers.

Improve Your Cross-Selling Opportunities

Google Analytics Interest reports inform you of the topics and areas of interest of each audience, with the following types of data:

  • Affinity Categories: This is top-level data that groups users based on activities and provides insight into potential customers, for example “Outdoor Enthusiasts”
  • In-Market Segments: This data shows what products or services your audience is more likely to buy. For example, “Travel/Hotels & Accommodations.”
  • Other Categories: These are more granular categories and identify users outside of the other categories, for example “Travel/Bus & Rail”

The most creative marketers will use this information to effectively cross sell their audience. Assuming the above example represents a sporting goods store, the data would show that the store’s customers are outdoor enthusiasts who are in the market to travel and would most likely stay in a hotel. The store could leverage these insights in offering their customers “Travel Packages,” complete with equipment, information and deals for their next adventure. This sporting goods store could also partner with hotels in popular travel destinations to offer all-in-one packages for their customers. The possibilities are endless.

Google Analytics Demographics and Interest reports are a useful marriage of information, enabling marketers to target the most profitable personas, with the most relevant content, and with the exact offers people want.